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Take the #Happiness Challenge to Take Your Happiness to the Next Level!

Starting December 31st, people from all walks of life Allen will be the epicenter of a wave of happiness around the world. People will take on an extraordinary new year challenge to lift their happiness to the next level.  The official global launch of the #HappinessChallenge takes place at 1450 N. Watters Rd., Allen, TX, USA on December 31st at the Radha Krishna Temple. 

The launch opens with an exciting Happiness Scavenger Hunt with surprises and prizes on the grounds.  People will be given a map and some clues for the amazing hunt for happiness. The first of 21 learning videos released each day will be viewed in a group setting.  A follow up reflective task will be given to be completed that day.  The launch will conclude with a Smile-and-Laughathon.  Daily group happiness activities in Allen will be followed live around the world through social media.

Over the 21 days of the #HappinessChallenge  people will receive practical tools and navigational guides for their own path to happiness. We are all in constant pursuit of happiness, yet more often we experience stress and anxiety instead.  No matter what we seem to do, happiness either escapes us, or remains for only a brief while.   “One of the most pleasing and beneficial arts in our life we can learn is the art of happiness”, says Swami Mukundananda, international authority on mind management and creator of the happiness challenge.

Instead of simply conveying happy new year wishes, inspired by this challenge people of all faiths and walks of life across the globe are making a special new year resolution of achieving real happiness.  Focusing on building inward happiness is a truly a small investment that has been scientifically and medically proven to improve better overall health, reduce stress, improve relationships, and increase energy and productivity.

A Happiness Concierge will be open each day for 21 days dispensing doses of cheer and smiles as well as learning resources, tips and tools about the art of happiness.

Live group viewing events of each day’s challenge video are planned to take place around the world.  Happiness Ambassadors, volunteers who inspire others to take part in the challenge, have organized a growing number of events in USA, Canada, many parts of Asia, and Europe.  Starting January 1st, thousands of Happiness Ambassadors across the globe are organizing both private and public group events to inspire people to participate in the challenge. 

Many people come together will  create a wave of happiness across the globe.  Having a global-wide and community focus on inner happiness will not only spread joy and sunshine within, it will also have an outward positive effect on individuals and communities.  It only takes a small percent of people around the world to create a huge impact on outlook, community cohesiveness, and even peace around the world. 

The deep connection between happiness and our quality of life means that the attention we give to how we achieve happiness will undoubtedly have profound results in not only our own lives but also in others who come in touch with us. 

Experience the immense inner contentment that comes from spreading joy and inspiration.  To sign up for the #HappinessChallenge or to become a Happiness Ambassado visit www.jkyog/events/happinesschallenge .  For more info call 469-795-9130.

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