You've probably got an idea of your family’s upcoming holiday plans, but what about another member of your family — your dog?  If your pet doesn't fit into this year’s holiday schedule and you’re thinking of boarding, make sure you’re taking the adequate steps to ensure he or she also has a happy and healthy holiday season. 

Though many dog owners feel guilty about leaving their pet behind during a holiday vacation, it can be a necessary part of pet ownership. 

“While dogs are susceptible to feelings of homesickness, they are quick to adapt to a changing environment and owners shouldn't feel bad about leaving their pet behind during family vacations,” said Christopher Lu, Director of Operations at Doggie’s Wonderland, a dog daycare and boarding facility with locations in Plano and Coppell. 

“It is likely that your pet will actually have a good time during its stay at the boarding facility,” Lu said, adding that as a pet owner, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your dog enjoys its “vacation” as much as you enjoy yours. 

Do your research.
Trust your senses. Make sure to properly research the kennel and staff to verify that the organization is prepared to effectively care for customers’ dogs, keeping clean, secure facilities with plenty of room for the pups to run during play time. 

Schedule your boarding reservations early.
Millions of people travel during the holiday season without the option of bringing along family pets.  Boarding facilities are quick to fill up during the holidays, leaving few reliable alternatives for those without reservations.  If you have a boarding facility in mind for your pet, be sure you make your appointments before the location is full. 

Help your dog enjoy its stay.
Take some of your pet’s items — such as a blanket, bed or favorite toys — for it to have during its stay at the boarding facility.  Make sure to label each item, while keeping in mind that anything left with your pet during its stay may become damaged or lost. 

Keep your goodbyes short and sweet.
The American Kennel Club says you shouldn't feel guilty or apologize to your dog when you drop it off at its boarding appointment — he or she may sense your discomfort and become upset.  Instead, act enthusiastic about your pet’s time at the boarding facility by using positive terms and keeping goodbyes short and simple. 

The holidays are just around the corner, and boarding reservations are going quickly.  If you’re looking for a safe, reliable place for your dog to spend the holidays, call Doggie’s Wonderland or learn more about boarding services at

Doggie’s Wonderland is a cheerful daily dog daycare and boarding facility with locations in Plano and Coppell, Texas. Unlike most dog daycare, Doggie’s Wonderland follows a “kennel free” philosophy. Unless it is bedtime or dinnertime, all dogs have open access to its indoor facility and outdoor playground.

Doggie's Wonderland

Doggie’s Wonderland – Plano

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We are located on the southwest corner of Alma & Plano Parkway. Across the street from Collin Creek Mall and just one block away from Central Expressway (Highway 75) or George Bush Turnpike (Highway 190).

Doggie’s Wonderland – Coppell
120 E. Bethel School Road Coppell, TX 75019 (MAP)
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We are located on the northeast corner of Denton Tap Road & Bethel School (across the street from the post office) and only 4 miles away from DFW International Airport.

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