What are your dog’s plans for the day when you head out for work? Maybe they will stretch out for a nap on the sofa, or sunbathe in the backyard. It sounds like a luxurious life, but are they getting the exercise and socialization that all dogs need?

Though people unfamiliar with the concept hear “doggie daycare” and don’t think of it as a necessity in their pet’s life, according to Christopher Lu, Director of Operations at Doggie’s Wonderland in Coppell and Plano, there are positive benefits to sending your pup to daycare while you’re out of the house. These benefits include:

  • Socialization: Dogs are pack animals by nature, but don’t often get to be involved in the “pack” if they’re an only dog or have few companions. “Dog daycare allows your pet to grow accustomed to meeting new dogs and people,” Lu said. “This provides a chance for dogs to regularly interact and socialize with new faces, which can prevent fear and aggression to unfamiliar dogs and humans in daily life.”
  • Exercise: All dogs vary in the amount of exercise they require, but every dog does need some sort of activity to stay healthy. If your dog typically stays indoors all day, it may not have the opportunity to stretch its legs until you get home. At daycare, dogs are able to play and run around throughout the day.
  • Behavior: If dogs are unable to expend energy during the day, it’s likely they could resort to destructive behavior or be rowdy in the evening once you’ve come home — possibly interrupting dinner or bedtime. According to Lu, a lot of people find that doggie daycare allows their dog to work off its energy, leaving it with a calmer, more relaxed disposition when at home.
  • Supervision: All dogs are closely monitored while at daycare. Your pet will be placed in a safe, clean environment and supervised throughout the day. With such close supervision, all dogs will be immediately taken care of in the case of injury or illness.
  • Fun: Your dog will make new canine friends and will love the kennel-free atmosphere of doggie daycare. He or she will get a good workout in, too!

Most dog daycare facilities, including Doggie’s Wonderland, will have you fill out a profile form so they can learn more about your dog’s background and behavior. An evaluation is done prior to admittance to make sure your dog interacts well with other dogs and humans.

If you’re interested in learning more about doggie daycare for your dog, call Doggie’s Wonderland’s Plano or Coppell facilities or visit to download profile and registration forms. 

Doggie’s Wonderland is a cheerful daily dog daycare and boarding facility with locations in Plano and Coppell, Texas. Unlike most dog daycare, Doggie’s Wonderland follows a “kennel free” philosophy. Unless it is bedtime or dinnertime, all dogs have open access to its indoor facility and outdoor playground.

Doggie's Wonderland

Doggie’s Wonderland – Plano

505 Alma Drive Plano, TX 75075 (MAP)
Tel: (972) 881-1905

We are located on the southwest corner of Alma & Plano Parkway. Across the street from Collin Creek Mall and just one block away from Central Expressway (Highway 75) or George Bush Turnpike (Highway 190).

Doggie’s Wonderland – Coppell
120 E. Bethel School Road Coppell, TX 75019 (MAP)
Tel: (972) 745-9100

We are located on the northeast corner of Denton Tap Road & Bethel School (across the street from the post office) and only 4 miles away from DFW International Airport.

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