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Continuation of the Five Leadership Lessons learned learned from Willis Reed on how to not allow your pain to distract you from your purpose. Mr. Reed was injured during the 1970 NBA Championship Series, but decided to play in the final and pivotal game 7.

Leadership Principle 2. He had prepared for this moment and did not want to let it get past him.

"I wanted to play," Reed recalls. "That was for the championship, the one great moment you play for all your life. I didn't want to have to look at myself in the mirror 20 years later and say I wished I had tried to play."

In Esther 4:14 Mordecai, the advisor/uncle to Esther reminds her that she was the possible solution to the pain that the Jewish nation was suffering. Her rise to the position of queen at that time was not a matter of chance, but instead it was God’s timing for her. Mordecai said. “Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?”

You were made a leader for such a time as this. You were married for such a time as this. You were made strong by God for such a time as this. You are the head of  your company/orginzation for such a time as this. You were pushed from your comfort zone by the pain to move you to a greater call in the postion that you have now. 

The parent that has a seriously ill child did not take a course in college on how to parent and care for a terminally ill child, but the love in his/her heart as a parent has prepared them to face the challenge.  Pull all of your experiences to this point in your life together and use them to move past your pain.  

And even if you don’t think that you were prepared for this, the reality is you can still make it happen. Change your mindset from ”Why Me” to “I was made for this!!” Our outlook will determine our outcome".

I am a Certified Relationship Coach who is passionate about helping Couples (Married or Dating) see their relationship flourish. I coach couples on how to "Reconnect Recommit and Rekindle" their relationship so that they can enjoy the love they have dreamed of. - Contact Dave at  
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