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Medicare Basics ~ What You Need To Know

As a Medicare Health Plan Advisor I hear all too often from seniors that they had no idea they had options regarding their Medicare health care coverage.  They were under the impression that Original Medicare Part A and Part B were their only choices.  When I have the opportunity to share with them the different options available there is a great sense of relief on their part because of the cost sharing associated with only having Original Medicare Parts A & B.  You have choices!

There is a genuine concern about the financial vulnerability seniors face with the cost sharing with Original Medicare as it only covers approximately 80% of approved services, thus leaving the remaining 20% the responsibility of the Medicare beneficiary.  Additionally, that 20% does not carry a maximum cap on the amount of expenses they could be required to pay out of their pockets.  So depending on the nature of the charges they could be looking at an amount of money that could, and probably would, bankrupt them.  Take for example someone who suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized for 4 days.  The approximate average bill would be around $100k, and if Original Medicare covers only 80% ($80,000) then the remaining 20% ($20,000) is the responsibility of the Medicare beneficiary.  We will find an option that best suits their needs that puts a maximum cap on the out-of-pocket expenses they could incur versus no maximum cap with Original Medicare.  This is just one of the topics we will discuss at the seminar on August 28th and what options are available to Medicare beneficiaries.

Please join us on Thursday, August 28th, 7:00 PM at Grace Avenue UMC, 3521 Main Street, Frisco Texas, for an informal presentation on the Basics of Medicare.  We will discuss the ABC's of Medicare and talk about the different options you have for your health care.  After the presentation there will be Q&A so we can answer any all questions you might have about Medicare.

NOTICE:  This is NOT A SALES EVENT!  This is an EDUCATIONAL SESSION only on the Basics of Medicare, attendees do not need to worry about someone trying to sign you up for anything.  We want to inform people that they have options when it comes to their Medicare coverage, and what those options are.  Finally, this information will benefit people of all ages and not just those that are 60+ years old.  We welcome younger folks who either want to educate themselves or are looking for information on behalf of a friend or family member.  This meeting is open to the public so tell all your friends, family and neighbors!

Hope to see you there!

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