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Faith Lutheran School of Plano high school choir creates unique choral video recording to celebrate

Like schools across the country, Faith Lutheran School in Plano, Texas is currently conducting classes remotely with a learn-from-home model.  But high school choir director Rebekah Roundey did not let current events keep her high school choir from creating a choral masterpiece to commemorate Easter.  She simply had to get a little creative in order to do it.

Roundey asked students to individually record their assigned parts of "Victimae Paschali Laudes" at home.  Students did so, then emailed their recordings to the teacher.  Roundey combined the student voices with her own organ playing to create a stunning video that the school shared on Easter Sunday morning via social media and the school's YouTube page. 

The video is available here:

"When you combine the voices of our talented high school musicians with the creativity of Faith Lutheran School our high school choir director Miss  Roundey, the result is sure to be outstanding," said Faith Lutheran School of Plano Headmaster Rev. Stephen W. Kieser.  "We are thankful for the dedication of our students and their families and the creativity of our teachers during these unique days."

Like schools across the country, Faith Lutheran School's Plano campus is temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Administrators, teachers and staff quickly created the school's new "Learn From Home" program to serve the school's students at all levels - preschool through grade 12. The Learn From Home program combines recorded videos, personalized class work packets, emailed assignments and interactive, live video classes to provide a unique education experience for the school's students.

Faith Lutheran School has provided interactive, live, online classes at the high school level since 2013. The school’s extensive experience with interactive, online classes helped administrators and staff to quickly create the school's new Learn From Home program to serve students during this unprecedented time. Faith Lutheran School of Plano will continue the Learn From Home program as long as is necessary due to COVID-19 temporary school closures.

About Faith Lutheran School: Faith Lutheran School is fully accredited and provides classes from preschool three-year-olds through grade 12. School curriculum is based on the classical model of education. The school’s educational program also includes both sports and the fine arts. Faith Lutheran School was founded in 1971, when the congregation of Faith Lutheran Church in Plano, Texas established a preschool for children of the congregation. The school’s high school offers both online and traditional classroom course offerings. To learn more about Faith Lutheran School, please visit the school’s web site at or call 972.423.7448.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020