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Plano's Heritage Farmstead Museum is often filled with small children on school field trips or young families enjoying the wonders of the four-acre historic site, which is nestled in 
the center of the city.  But folks at the Farmstead are targeting a slightly different demographic with the organization's senior-focused program "Young at Heart: 55+ Exceeding the Limit".

“Young at Heart: 55+ Exceeding the Limit” is a Heritage Farmstead Museum educational program designed specifically for seniors. Program presentations, conducted on targeted days once per each from 10:00 a.m. – noon, will feature a variety of topics from vegetable gardening, 
music, history and much more.

"This exciting, popular program allows all of us at the Heritage Farmstead Museum to reach out to another sector of our community to 
provide educational opportunities, fellowship and fun," said Heritage Farmstead Museum Director of Development Kathy Strobel.

Upcoming Young at Heart: 55+ Exceeding the Limit programs include:

•    April 9: Farm Tour featuring sheep, chickens, canning, and cars and 
tractors including a running and fully restored Model A. Rides will be 
given in the Model A if weather permits.

•    May 14: Herbs of the Prairie featuring a talk on herbs used on the 
prairie, along with samples of foods featuring those herbs. This program 
will also include a take-home craft where guests will plant herbs in 
small mason jars.

•    June 11: Hydroponic Gardening - Come learn a new way to grow 
tomatoes in North Texas from pioneer hydro-farmer, Ben Von Kennel. 
Hydroponics is a new method being used now by commercial growers here in 
North Texas. Lettuce and tomatoes can now be grown all year long at 
local farms and even at home with a hydroshed using no soil, only air, 
sun and a balanced nutrient solution.

•    July 9: Everyone Has a Story - The North 40 Storytellers Guild will 
tell short, five minute stories based on their lives. Attendees will be 
given the chance to talk about ideas for their own short stories in 
smaller groups.

•    August 13: Summer Tea - Historic Cooking Demonstration - An expert 
on historic cooking will prepare and discuss fare for a Victorian Summer 
tea, including an authentic watermelon cake. Attendees will be able to 
taste each dish.

•    September 10: Victorian Magic Lantern Show and Blacksmith Demo - 
The Victorian Magic Lantern Show was a precursor to the modern day 
movies. Hand painted slides are projected, and even appear to be 
animated. Beth and Mark Ayers will present their show set to Henry 
Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "The Village Blacksmith." We will also have 
a blacksmith doing a demonstration in our blacksmith shop.

•    October 8:  Dallas Banjo Band and Ice Cream Social - Dallas banjo 
band is a 20+ piece band comprised of banjo players. They perform 
everything from Rhapsody in Blue, to Sweet Caroline, to Elvira! There 
will be an ice cream social along with this program.

Pre-registration for each class is $6.00 per person. Groups of eight or more, $4 per person. Guests may also purchase a 55+ season package of 
seven programs for $35. Each program is limited to 50 registrants.  Online registration is available at

  or by calling 972-881-0140.
Pre-registration deadline is midnight the Thursday prior to each program, but walk up registration is also permitted if there is space 

About The Heritage Farmstead Museum:  The Heritage Farmstead Museum, a four-acre historic site consisting of a restored, 14-room 1891 Victorian 
farmhouse with its original outbuildings, interprets rural life on the North Texas prairie between 1890 and 1925. The museum provides tours, 
field trips and programs for 35,000 visitors each year.  For more information, call 972.881.0140 or visit

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