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Turn, a Dallas-based environmental service, continues to make strides in expanding the company’s food waste recycling service in the city of Denton and beyond.

Turn, a Dallas-based environmental service, continues to make strides in expanding the company’s food waste recycling service in the city of Denton and beyond.

Turn currently hosts scheduled food waste drive through stations in the parking lots of Whole Foods Market in Highland Village and Armadillo Ale Works in Denton and is actively working to add more pickup stations and additional service offerings in the area. Turn also offers residential pickup and residential drop off service in many other cities across the DFW Metroplex, with available services varying by zip code.

Organic waste is a terrible problem for our environment when left to rot in a landfill. Turn solves that problem by beneficially diverting the waste to local farms, gardens and composters who turn it into a resource,” said Turn Founder Lauren Clarke.

Popular with apartment dwellers, college students, homeowners and many others, Turn’s residential service allows subscribers to drop-off their full bucket of food scraps at the Turn truck, and receive a clean, sanitized bucket in return.

“Turn is enabling me to help our Earth in my small way. Turn is helping the Earth in big ways,” said Turn customer Connie Sanford. “Each week I have minimal trash that goes in a landfill thanks to composting with Turn plus recycling. I have been impressed and pleased at the multiple and ingenious ways Turn continues to help the natural environment while supporting local companies. I am a huge fan and recommend Turn to anyone who wants to make our Earth a better place.”   

As part of the $20 per month Turn subscription, members also receive a monthly perk and a quarterly household impact report on their diverted organic waste. Subscribers have the option to keep their perk, or donate it to a local school or community initiative.

”I think it is important to make positive environmental behavior changes as convenient and fun as possible,” added Clarke. “I love the Denton area so much. Three generations of my family including myself have graduated from UNT. We’re grateful to Whole Foods Market and Armadillo Ale Works for hosting us!”

Turn’s two north drop-off locations at Whole Foods Market Highland Village [4041 Waller Creek, Highland Village 75077] and Armadillo Ale Works [221 S Bell Ave., Denton, TX 76201] are on alternating Saturdays between the two locations. The list of drop-off dates and times for each location are listed on Turn’s website at

“We’re passionate about nourishing people andour planet,” said Grayson Trygar, Regional Facilities Program Administrator Southwest Region for Whole Foods Market. “This is a win-win partnership for our local DFW customers and our environment.”

Business food waste recycling is also available through Turn. Turn currently services a wide range of commercial clients including restaurants, small businesses, and global corporate offices.

About Turn:Turn is an environmental service with a vision to help consumers rethink and reuse their urban environment. Turn offers organic recycling to consumers and businesses across DFW, and the company educates consumers on sustainable food cycle practices. For more information, visit, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @turncompost

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