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Students at Plano's Faith Lutheran School recently had the opportunity to get their hands dirty while studying all about "Wonderful Worms", thanks to a presentation from Erin Hoffer, Environmental Educator with the City of Plano. 

"Each student was given a hand lens and worm 'wrangling rod'," explained Faith Lutheran School teacher Cheryl Wildauer of Allen. "Working in pairs, students 'wrangled' worms from a pile of organic soil, then examined them under a microscope, looking for such things as segments, hairs, a 'saddle' and cocoon. Other observations revealed what happens when two worms touch or a worm's reaction when touched by a human."

Students also learned about the best environment for worms to flourish, what they eat, a worm's life span, body parts, a worm's sensitivity to light and dark, and a useful product of a worm's digestion, called 'castings'.

"This hands-on activity certainly convinced students that worms are wonderful and a vital part of the environment!" added Wildauer.

About Faith Lutheran School
In 1971, the congregation of Faith Lutheran Church in Plano, Texas established a four-year-old preschool for children of the congregation. Since then, the school has grown and opened enrollment to others in the community on a tuition basis. Faith Lutheran School is fully accredited and currently provides classes from pre-school three-year-olds through
the twelfth grade.   School curriculum is based on the classical model of education. The school's educational program also includes both sports and the fine arts. To learn more about Faith Lutheran School, please visit the school's web site at or call 972.423.7448.

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