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Hand a blank canvas and some painting supplies to a not so budding artist and voila! a Picasso is born! That's never been a promise of any sip and paint party business nor is it what attracts the guests. Because we live in such a left brained technology based culture - being creative is the perfect outlet. The fact that you can leave at the end of the event with a product and not have to return to pick it up is a plus. Adding liquid spirits to the mix pulls in adults and helps them relax in a way that is different from going to a bar after work.

I call the wine and art concept the new kind of yoga. It's therapeutic and you leave with a sense of accomplishment. Art is age-old and has lasted the test of time!

There are a few unique areas that I liked about Bottle and Bottega when I was looking at franchises that made them really stand out from the others. One is that guests are not confined to one image to paint and the selection is huge. Having an artistic background myself, my artists or I can add a painted art piece to the image catalog when there's an interest in something new.This appeals to the variations in personalities and style that come to an event.

Another area is the Creating for a Cause concept in Paint Your Pet. Each quarter we schedule an event where guests pay the price of a regular class and a portion of those funds goes towards a no-kill shelter. Each guest brings a photo of their pet and the artist leads guests through step by step instruction. Everyone has a pet they love and it feels good to give back to the community!

I also really like that we all can learn more about our local artists, not only in an artist-led class but through their personal art. When I land a studio, I will have the opportunity to showcase an artist over a weekend so that they can sell their own artwork to the public. What a great way for the public to learn about local artists as well as own a piece of their fantastic art! 

And lastly, it's my first hand experience as an owner in the creative experience of the guests. I usually hear a few guests tell me at the beginning of an event that they are not that good in art, but I am always pleasantly surprised at the painted masterpieces produced by the end of the event. I love that the guest becomes the artist, and truly lets their inhibitions go to express their individualism. Having fun with friends and putting a stamp on your interpretation is great. Painting a piece of art is not about having the painting turn out exactly the way the original looks - having variation makes you and your art unique!

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."  Thomas Merton

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