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The fact that 4,000 fitness pros chose HIIT (high-intensity interval training) as the TOP fitness trend for 2018, comes as no surprise to Body Machine Fitness (BMF) Master Trainer Ethan M. “I am a science nerd, and HIIT has been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective ways to burn fat by stimulating your post metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn AFTER your workout), so it’s a no brainer for me,” Ethan says.

He also loves HIIT workouts because they are high-tempo and high-energy in nature. As Ethan explains, “The HIIT group classes at our Plano boutique fitness studio give our members super powers in class. They end up doing things they’ve never done before in their lives.”

Traditional HIIT workouts include short bouts of effort with periods of recovery in between. The idea is quite simple: Push yourself as hard as you can during the high-intensity periods, and catch your breath during the low-intensity phases. Short breaks help you get ready for the next sprint.


Lights, music, action AND euphoria

When BMF’s founders hired Ethan to develop the group personal training programs for their Plano gym, everyone was on the same page. They wanted to create an immersive workout that sped up results and agreed music and lights play key roles in the electrifying experience.

As Ethan explains, “We all understood how powerful music can be as a driver during a workout, so we made that a primary focus. One of the reasons BMF brought me on board was because I was already synching music and lights with the workouts I was teaching.”

Ethan works closely with BMF’s in-house DJ/music producer to create workouts synched with music and light shows that change daily. This one-of-a-kind combo keeps BMF members coming back, because they feel great.

“When the music and the lights are all synchronized with the workout, it takes you to a special place in your mind during those highs and lows. In one class you’ll experience nearly every emotion and leave in a state of euphoria,” says Ethan.

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“Release Your Inner Beast” – one class at a time

Being successful at reaching your fitness goals is all about a mindset, and that’s the impetus behind BMF’s “Release Your Inner Beast” mantra.

As Ethan explains, “We believe that everyone is much more capable than they give themselves credit for. It’s our job as trainers to help you realize your potential and find your inner beast. It’s doing that one extra rep, hitting that faster speed, grabbing that heavier weight and digging a little deeper than you thought you could. Once the butterflies go away, you’ll end up surprised at what you achieved and proud of your work.”

Accelerate results: HIIT + resistance training changes the body faster

Not only are one-note workouts BORING, they’re not as effective as BMF group workouts. Variety is the spice of life. It’s also the mojo you need to amp up your workout.

Learn why BOREDOM undermines fitness resolutions in this recent post.

According to Ethan, “Nearly every group fitness platform you see is primarily cardio, and many times nothing but cardio. Unfortunately, doing cardio alone will not give strength and shape to your body. Resistance training is an absolute necessity if you’re looking to make substantial changes. That’s why we’ve made it half of our program, which tends to appeal to men and women alike.”


Time-based workouts: A great bet for ALL fitness levels

During his 10 years in the fitness industry, Ethan has trained people at every fitness level. To ensure beginner, intermediate and elite athletes benefit, BMF’s group personal training workouts are scalable and time based.

“Nothing in our BMF exercise programs is mandatory. Everything is scalable, and we encourage everyone to go at his or her own pace. What makes it work is that the entire format is time based, not rep based. This allows members of all fitness levels to push themselves and get a great workout, regardless of how many reps they do.

“On day one, we aren’t trying to break any records. Just show up, listen and commit. We’ll take care of the rest,” Ethan says.

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