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Dan Shea and Hot Rod at Dairy Queen

Dan Shea, 68 of Denton, is a sales rep who loves hot rods and has a fondness for a DQ® Chocolate Dipped Cone.  

“For my whole adult life, I’ve been a sales rep covering all or part of Texas,” said Shea. “DQ restaurants have been, and still are, my office away from home.” 

Shea always gets a Chocolate Dipped Cone and a medium Dr Pepper®. An avid collector of classic cars and custom hot rods, he usually takes a picture of his treat with one of his hot rods in the background, then posts on his social media.

“Most of my friends think I must be a DQ shareholder, but the company is privately held” he says with a chuckle. “I usually stop in a DQ restaurant every day. The restaurants in Denton don’t even ask for my order. They just ask if I’m getting lunch or a snack.”

DQ restaurants in Texas are celebrating their 75th anniversary of the DQ brand in Texas and invited fans to share their favorite memories and stories. Fans can share their favorite stories and photos by visiting

“We love to hear stories like this from our fans,” said Lou Romanus, CEO of the Texas Dairy Queen Operator’s Council. “With nearly 600 DQ restaurants in Texas, it seems everyone I meet has a wonderful story to share about visiting their local DQ restaurant. For generations, DQ restaurants are the places Texans go for their favorite hot food and cool treats, and they will be the first to say, “That’s what I like about Texas.” 

DQ restaurants in Texas have a unique food menu that includes the Dude® CLASSIC Chick’n Fried Steak Sandwich, the Hungr-Buster®, the BeltBuster®, and the truly awesome Triple-Buster®. Then, there’s the Texas T-Brand Tacos®, the Steak Finger Country Basket®, and Chicken and Dumplings, based on a homemade recipe from a DQ restaurant franchise owner’s mom. 

The full DQ treat lineup is the sweetest reason to visit the restaurant with friends and family. From a sundae to a delicious Dilly® Bar, Dipped Cone or Blizzard® Treat, everyone seems to have their favorite item.

There are few brands as iconic as the DQ brand. Innovative DQ treats and eats, along with the unique DQ restaurant concepts, have positioned DQ restaurants in Texas as a leader in the quick service restaurant industry. The Texas Dairy Queen Operators' Council is a nonprofit organization made up of DQ franchisees operating in Texas. The Council develops the advertising and marketing program for DQ franchisees in Texas and controls the Texas Country Foods menu along with managing supply/distribution for the nearly 600 DQ restaurants in Texas. The DQ restaurants in Texas are franchised by American Dairy Queen Corporation and the DQ franchise system includes approximately 7,000 franchised locations in the United States, Canada, and more than 20 other countries, including the nearly 600 DQ restaurants in Texas. 

For more information about the Texas Dairy Queen Operators’ Council, visit or follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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