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Eric and Shelly Jackson, husband and wife enjoying flight time together.

Shelly Jackson of Murphy, Texas was born to fly.

“I remember attending polo matches as a child with my family,” said Jackson. “Skydivers would occasionally land on the field at Willow Bend Polo Club.  I remember telling my family I wanted to do that one day. On May 21, 1999, I made my first tandem jump, and I’ve never been the same. On a good weekend, I’d jump 15 times.  I racked up 200 jumps quickly, but the best part was meeting the world’s most incredible people in this sport.”

Shelly even met her husband Eric through skydiving.

“Eric was returning to Dallas after travelling the world with Arizona Airspeed, a world champion skydiving team,” said Jackson. “Eric and I jumped and trained and even ran a marathon together.  To date, I have 581 skydives and Eric has more than 1100.”  

In 1999, iFLY created the sport of modern indoor skydiving by developing the technology to create a stable, wall-to-wall cushion of air inside a flight chamber.

“When I heard my friend Alan Metni, CEO of iFLY Indoor Skydiving, would be building in Dallas, I jumped at the opportunity to deliver the dream of flight to everyone,” she explained. “With more than 20 years of doing business in the Dallas/Fort Worth market, coupled with a 16-year skydiving hobby, and two children always looking for the best birthday party ever, I joined the company.”

“Everyone leaves with a smile on their face.  I can’t wait to assist guests in booking their first flight, creating the best team building event ever, and assisting with the most amazing hands-on science, technology and math experiments.”

Eric and her husband have lived in Murphy since 2003. They have two children: an 11-year-old son Hunter and a nine-year-old daughter Haley.

“Hunter and I are medal holders in the sport of indoor skydiving.  I have more than 20 hours of flight time in the tunnel and Hunter has about 15 hours. Haley tried it, but she prefers riding horses to flying.” 

“I love to talk about iFLY and to share my passion for the sport. I want to deliver the dream of flight to everyone.  I feel like this is what I was put on the planet to do!”

You can reach Shelly at 214-618–iFLY (4359) or

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